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How to: Open a CSV file with Excel

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After exporting into a CSV file you might want to open it with Microsoft Excel because the spreadsheet program displays the information in the separate cells. That is how you can read those files easier than when you would open them with a text editor for example.


The usual mistake is to open the CSV file with a right click and then clicking on Open with > Excel.


That is what it looks like then:


run export schema 5


How can you open the CSV file that it looks like that:


run export schema 6


First you go to your Excel program.


In Excel you open the desired file. The following window appears:


run export schema 7


The CSV file is Delimited. You should let the import start in row number 1 when you want to display all the data. The file origin ist UTF-8 most of the time since UTF-8 ist the most used coding (see also Output settings). Now click on Next:  


run export schema 8


Depending on the separator you have chosen during the export you should pick that separator here. That is the only way Excel will know where the cells start and stop. Now click on Next:


run export schema 9


The column data format General keeps the date and number values and changes everything else into text. You can change the setting for every column and also choose not to import some columns. Finally you click on Finish.


The file now opens as requested.