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run fetchit schema new


In order to run a FETCH|IT schema you need SERVICE|IT. This is included when you purchase FETCH|IT. First you click on Tasks in the navigation bar (1) and then on the green + (2). The following window appears:


serviceit fetchit task


Enter a descriptive name for your task. Then you choose an Event type, a trigger that starts the FETCH|IT task. Now pick FETCH|IT task as a Task type. Tick the task as active and click on Next.



Trigger Time

run fetchit schema 3


You can now set when and how often the task should be performed.


For Once you choose the date and time for the one-time performance.

For Daily you pick the time at which the task will be performed every day.

For Weekly you choose the day of the week and the time of the performance.

For Monthly you enter the day of the month and the time.

For Hourly you enter the number of minutes that have passed since the full hour has begun. That way the task will be performed, for example, at 1.15 pm, 2.15 pm,... when you set 15 minutes here.

For Every N minutes you enter every how many minutes the task will be performed.


Once you have set everything according to your wishes, click on Next.



Trigger Task


run fetchit schema 4


You can now choose a Parent task after which this task will be performed. Then you enter the delay in hours (h), minutes (m) or seconds (s) for the performance.


Also, there is the possibility to execute the task later if it was missed.


Click on Next.


run fetchit schema 5


Open the dropdown list behind FETCH|IT schema and choose the desired schema.


Below that you choose the import schemas that import the data you receive via e-mail. If you receive contact information it is best to create an import schema with the type contacts. If you also want to create an activity in Act! that reminds you to call a contact, for example, you create an import schema for activities.


You are able to create new histories and notes, as well.

For that you can use all the functions of IMPORT|IT, like the duplicate check or the categorization of contacts in companies and groups. If you want to know more about IMPORT|IT you can read about it in the IMPORT|IT Manual.


Make sure that you choose the same source file directory for your IMPORT|IT schema as you have chosen in the Save settings for e-mails before.




In the end you click on Next.


run fetchit schema 6


Tick Save changes on Exit and then click on Finish. ​

You can now see the task:


run fetchit schema 7


If you want to know more about SERVICE|IT, for example how you delete a task again or edit it, you can read about it in the SERVICE|IT Manual.


FETCH|IT saves all the e-mails you receive automatically through SERCIVE|IT and then IMPORT|IT imports the desired data records into Act!.


If you want to create automatic e-mail replies with OUTREACH|IT then you can read about it in our OUTREACH|IT Manual.